180 Elgin Street

    94,102 square feet

Barrister House is situated in the heart of Ottawa, immediately opposite the Central Court and Registry Office. It is a pleasant walk to the Rideau Centre, Sparks Street Mall and Parliament Hill.

Ten floors of office space and five floors of parking provide for the needs of both tenants and their clients. The systems in Barrister House were designed for effectiveness and energy conservation. Continuous monitoring ensures that the heating, cooling and ventilation levels are properly adjusted for comfort and energy efficiency.

All light fixtures are recessed and equipped with prismatic acrylic lenses. The building's functions have been divided so that the parking levels are serviced by a separate elevator. The office portion is serviced by two high-speed elevators.


Floor Type Rentable sf Useable sf Plan Available
6th Floor Office 9,455 8,615 Immediately
7th Floor Office 9,441 8,614 Immediately
8th Floor Office 2,064 1,873 Immediately
11th Floor Office 3,602 3,288 Immediately
12th Floor Office 2,129 1,944 Immediately
13th Floor Office 1,333 1,190 Immediately



There are five floors of parking for approximately 120 vehicles. Access to the parking garage is on Nepean Street.

Michael Casey x. 2540 or Gillie Vered x. 2310
P: 613-226-2000 F: 613-225-0391